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Doctors in the house article in Vancouver magazine
If you want the look of a push-up bra but don’t want to wear a bra with a certain outfit, a couple of pieces of strategically applied 3M microfoam tape will do the trick!”
– Dr. Peter Lennox, plastic surgeron


September 2016 – Dr. Lennox will be attending the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) annual meeting in Los Angeles as a panel presenter.

June 2016 – Dr. Lennox was an invited speaker at the CSPS (Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons) annual meeting in Ottawa, Ontario.

June 2016 – Daniela and Toni attended the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting in Las Vegas.

May 2016 – Dr. Lennox was invited to speak at Beauty Through Science in Stockholm, Sweden.

April 2016 – Dr. Lennox was a panel presenter at the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) meeting in Las Vegas.


Ticking time bomb: Women in B.C. wait up to 3 years to have preventive mastectomy

By Thandi Fletcher, The Province May 21, 2013 Women in B.C. considering the headline-making decision Angelina Jolie made to have her healthy breasts removed to reduce her risk of breast cancer won't get the same treatment, say Vancouver plastic surgeons. Women in this province are waiting too long - as much as three years - to get the same potentially life-saving surgery, say the doctors. Some patients wait so long they end up getting breast cancer before their surgery date, said Dr. Sheina Macadam. For others, the possibility they could be diagnosed during the multi-year wait is distressing, said Dr. Peter Lennox. …Read More

Handful of Canadian doctors offer nipple-sparing mastectomy

By Thandi Fletcher, Calgary Herald November 8, 2012 In 2012, some plastic surgeons in Canada do offer nipple-sparing or skin-sparing mastectomy which were unavailable to Belinda Stronach five years ago. Vancouver plastic surgeons Dr. Peter Lennox and Dr. Sheina Macadam have done single-stage breast reconstruction consistently for about two years. Lennox and Macadam use a cellular dermal matrix, a soft-tissue replacement made by harvesting human tissue from cadavers. A commonly-used type of acellular dermal matrix is called Alloderm. In this procedure, patients have a permanent implant inserted immediately after the mastectomy, rather than undergo two surgeries using a tissue expander that is …Read More

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COVID-19 Policy and Update

Dear Patients, We hope that you and yours remain safe and well during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. In response to the pandemic, and as a precaution to safeguard our staff and patients during these unprecedented times, we are implementing enhanced safety procedures. We are still available and would be pleased to assist you via telephone, email, or our Web site. As well, for certain interested and suitable patients, during this time we are offering the opportunity to have a virtual consultation with Dr. Lennox. This allows us to meet our patients’ needs during this time of social distancing. We are …Read More

Before-and-after Photos Help Plastic Surgery Patients Clarify Goals

Dr. Peter Lennox, a plastic surgery specialist in Vancouver, says before-and-after photos can help potential cosmetic surgery patients analyze a doctor's abilities, understand what is attainable from a particular procedure and clarify their goals. Vancouver, British Columbia (December 2012) – Before-and-after photos are among the most effective tools available to people considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, says Dr. Peter Lennox (, who practices . "A picture is a valuable communication tool in general," Dr. Lennox says. "With plastic surgery, the value of a visual aid is especially high. A surgeon's description can only go so far in conveying the possible …Read More

Combination Breast Procedures Gaining Popularity, Surgeon Says

Dr. Peter Lennox, a plastic surgery specialist in Vancouver, explains why more women are combining breast augmentation with lift procedures to enhance the shape and size of their breasts. Vancouver, British Columbia (August 2012) – Women seeking  to enhance their breasts are increasingly opting to have a breast lift in addition to implants, says Dr. Peter Lennox, a Vancouver plastic surgeon. "There are a number of situations where combining the two procedures can be beneficial," Dr. Lennox says. "Many times, a woman will seek breast augmentation because she has experienced a loss of volume in her breasts, either as a …Read More

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