Before-and-after Photos Help Plastic Surgery Patients Clarify Goals

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Dr. Peter Lennox, a plastic surgery specialist in Vancouver, says before-and-after photos can help potential cosmetic surgery patients analyze a doctor’s abilities, understand what is attainable from a particular procedure and clarify their goals.

Vancouver, British Columbia (December 2012) – Before-and-after photos are among the most effective tools available to people considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, says Dr. Peter Lennox (, who practices plastic surgery in Vancouver.

“A picture is a valuable communication tool in general,” Dr. Lennox says. “With plastic surgery, the value of a visual aid is especially high. A surgeon’s description can only go so far in conveying the possible results of a given procedure. Looking at other patients’ results can play a key role in the decision-making process of anyone thinking about plastic surgery.”

Plastic surgeons often make photos of their work available to potential patients. Many practices keep a portfolio of before-and-after photos on hand, and increasingly surgeons are posting examples of their work online.

Unfortunately, prospective patients often don’t take the opportunity to use such photos to weigh the pros and cons of procedures they may be considering. To see before-and-after photos of some of Dr. Lennox’s patients, people can visit the photo gallery on his website.

“I keep a complete array of before–and–after photos right on my website,” Dr. Lennox says. “My hope is that anyone interested in scheduling a consultation will study not only the photos but also the explanations we provide along with them.

“The photos and descriptions can help give patients a clear idea of what I can do for them with surgery. For example, we provide several photos of my patients who have received breast implants. Vancouver women can look at photos and read corresponding descriptions to learn the type and size of implant used in each case. This lets them see what I was able to do for that patient with that particular implant. In this way, they can evaluate both the surgeon and the procedure.”

Photos can also help patients develop realistic expectations for their procedures, Dr. Lennox says.

“If you are considering a particular surgery, seeing the results of a similar procedure that has been performed on another patient can be vital in making an educated and confident decision,” he says.

Along with breast augmentation and breast lifts, Dr. Lennox performs procedures such as tummy tuck and facelift in Vancouver. His top non-surgical treatments include BOTOX COSMETIC® and injectable dermal fillers.

To learn more about Dr. Lennox and the procedures he performs, request a consultation or call our Vancouver plastic surgery office at (604) 876-6552 to schedule your appointment.

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