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Plastic surgery should help your external appearance find harmony with your inner sense of self. A great surgeon will listen carefully to your goals and find a way to make them a reality so that, when you look in the mirror after surgery, you will see a reflection of the look you want, not the look someone else thought you should want. This requires the skill of an advanced technician with a variety of surgical and non-surgical options at his fingertips. Dr. Peter Lennox is such a surgeon and offers the reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures his patients from West Vancouver, Port Moody, and throughout the Vancouver, BC, area need to achieve their aesthetic visions.


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To learn more about Dr. Lennox and the procedures he performs, request a consultation or call our Vancouver plastic surgery office at (604) 876-6552 to schedule your appointment.

Your Options

Explore the various plastic surgery procedures Dr. Lennox offers by reviewing the pages below.

For Breast Enhancement:

For Body Contouring:

For Facial Plastic Surgery:

Before you can choose a procedure, you need to choose a surgeon. Dr. Peter Lennox will guide you through your options and develop a unique treatment plan specifically for you. He is a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon that provides honest opinions and sound advice you can trust.

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