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Women with large breasts are all too familiar with the limitations of a full figure. Whether you experience physical pain, attract unwanted attention or feel it's necessary to disguise your shape with baggy clothes, the physical and emotional issues associated with large breasts are very real. Many women considering breast reduction, who visit from West Vancouver, Surrey, and throughout the Vancouver area, have trusted Royal College-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Lennox for an attractive outcome and relief from discomfort.


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Understanding Breast Reduction

Breast reduction reshapes your breasts to make them smaller, lighter and firmer. During the surgery, Dr. Lennox:

  • Removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin
  • Tightens and lifts the breasts
  • Reduces and elevates the areolas (the pigmented skin around the nipples)

In your initial consultation, Dr. Lennox will take the time to understand your goals and discuss your desired shape and size. The scar pattern will be reviewed and this depends on the combination of your goals and your existing anatomy.

Recovery & Results

Dr. Lennox typically performs breast reductions are usually performed on an outpatient basis. It is natural to experience some discomfort following surgery, but it is easily managed with pain medication. You'll also wear a soft surgical bra for several weeks until the swelling and bruising subside.

Within a few months, your breasts will settle into their new shape. Women who choose breast reduction enjoy the physical benefits of a more proportionate appearance and relief from shoulder, neck and back pain. The emotional benefits can be remarkable, too. Many of Dr. Lennox's patients are thrilled to wear stylish clothes with confidence and pursue an active lifestyle free from discomfort.

Complementary Procedures

For women who are looking to slim other areas of their bodies as well, Dr. Lennox frequently performs breast reduction surgery to remove fat on the outer side of the torso adjacent to the breast and tummy tuck to recontour the abdomen for a sleek, sexy shape.

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